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Welcome to the Web site of the Jowett Car Club created by Keith Clements!

If you are new to the site then please read the club page to see if you would like to join. Here are some of the younger members seen next to the cars they love to drive and be seen in!

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What is new?  If you have been away for a while have a look at the Revision History.  Note this site has been superseded by  Jowett.org, JowettTalk and JowettGallery

September 2006.

Goodwood Revival 2006 pictures.


A Javelin towing a plane off the runway after an emergency landing on an airstrip being used for drag racing.  The plane, piloted by Barry with his son and Keith on board, suffered from a fractured oil cooler and had to glide down after the cockpit filled with smoke over Johannesburg. To say the least it was a close thing.

Introduction to the site.

The web site is here to publish anything to do with Jowett Cars that were made in Bradford, England up until 1954. To learn more about them please follow the History link

Here is my Jup on the Carousel , Nurburgring in 1989    and taste the dust of the Sahara  tasla.jpg (103950 bytes) in this 1998 picture courtesy of MMCKAYS@compuserve.com (172KB jpg). There are more motorsport pictures here.

There is a section for contributions from you, Note this  has been superseded by  JowettTalk and JowettGallery

There is a section on parts with high quality parts diagrams.

To be added are some interesting Jowett publications, so when you have finished this visit please come back soon. The first is the celebration booklet.

For my many friends across the world there is a small section to help us keep in touch. Please mail personal things to webmaster  

Please tell me if you have any suggestions or mail me anyway so I know you have been here!  

If you are still reading I suggest you try the table of contents or sitemap unless you really do want to look at the revision history!

Revision History. Note this site has been superseded by  Jowett.org, JowettTalk and JowettGallery

April 2006.

All the pictures from the JCC Australia Rally. Social with some car modification pictures, the 50 Cars that attended and contribution from George and Nezley Dawson.  Please discuss and reference the pictures on JowettTalk.

February 2006.

Great article from Old Timer in German provided by Jaak Jacobs.

You may also notice that Jowett.org is now up and running. This site is designed to be the show piece for the club giving information to first timers to Jowetts.  Please contact webmaster with any suggestions.

You may also notice that Jowett.net has also been copied to this site and should be more reliable. Currently the search facility still only runs on its old home. So you may become a little confused! Articles will be posted on both sites.

Hopefully, you will have already seen JowettTalk has moved into the 21st century. Please enjoy it and chat on the web.

You may also like to view some unusual pictures from South Africa starting with Barry Turner and ending with a BBQ but with this little incident in between. (off-site link so come back!)

January 2006.

Ib Rasmussen was at the start of the Monte Carlo in Copenhagen. View the slide show!

December 2005.

Christmas greetings from Sweden.

Pictures of the James Miller "tomb" and some of his non-Jowetts whilst on an early morning car show. (off-site link so come back!)

September 2005.

JAW 2006 in Bingley, Yorkshire colour brochure and forms

If you are rebuilding an engine you must read this from Mike Alfrey.

Any of you thinking of joining Jenny and me (and about 20 other Pommies) in New South Wales at Easter 2006 may like to see pictures of Brian Hehir's exploits.  The route from Armidale-Armadale is shown here.

Tony George has some stunning modifications displayed here.  First the water pump, then the main bearings, and the crankcase modification tool. Plus  front (early) suspension, front hubs , crankcase tie-bolts,  and problem with carbs.  Tony gave me these in 2004 but I have been so busy since to put them on the web.

August 2005.

A contribution from Bas & Gerda in Holland and pictures from Oldtimertref 2005 at Wittem- Limburg.

My pictures from Jowett Annual Weekend featuring the Farina, R1 and R4 plus the cups and a wild party.

June 2005.

A picture of all the cups on the awards page with some others from JAW 2005 in Basingstoke scattered across the site .

The What's On page has really moved to jowett.org I cannot guarantee to keep up with events due to my busy schedule!

March 2005.

As a result of some correspondence on JowettTalk, I have put some old Jowetteers on the web. The start of something big, as I have them going back to 1960!

January 2005.

Well another year for the site. Just added a table on distributor curves

The search facility has been updated with some help pages. Note you can search JowettNet, JowettTalk and JowettMedia all with the same query.

Ib Rasmussen has sent some great pictures of a Javelin just arrived in Denmark.

Please rescue two Jupiters.

Contribution from the son of the pilot on the 1951 Morocco Rally in a Jupiter.

August 2004.

The Jowett.org site is taking shape, but had a set back when I discovered that the navigation buttons do not work correctly on the Mozilla browser. It is straining my HTML and JAVA skills to fix. Once that is done I can spend some time reformatting to attract some new members.

See the latest technical questions on JowettTalk, especially the left hand drive master cylinder problem on probably the remotest Javelin around in British Columbia.

The repair on the gear shift column in pictures.

June 2004.

The pictures from the Viking Rally are here and here. Please choose the slide show option and use f11 to give you full screen.

Jaw 2004 slide show is here. There are some great pictures of every car at the Eye in York. Look at the splash in the ford.


February 2004.

Some major contributions from our shopkeeper and editor have listed the contents of the shop and all the 40 plus years of Jowetteers!

The first Swedish Jowett Weekend will take place in Sweden just before the UK one in Jorvik (York).

Also added a page on news and future events around the UK.

December 2003.

Page on the Jowett Annual Weekend in York.

December 2003 article from Auto Motor Klassiek on Javelin now owned by Chris VanDer Vaart.

Would you like a new dashboard for your car? Check out Keith Murphy's contribution.

June 2003.

Photos of Tulpen 2003 from Jaak Jacobs added and some great ones here. Lots of activity on discussion forum and e-mails.

May 2003.

Pictures of Tulpen 2003 added.

April 2003.

Bit of a busy time so not much new. But the quality..... see Hugo's memories of the 1953 Tulpen.

See the  Magazine section for news or look at Revision history if you have not been here for a while.

February 2003. Tulpen RallyJohn is busy on the engine. Hugo is excited about reliving his experience of 50 years ago. The 1952 Monte Carlo Rally is described in this marvellous account written by the competitor who took part. Not to be missed!  Pre-war parts for sale in BuynSell

January 2003. Breaking news about the Tulpen Rally.  Here is a page on fitting main bearings.

Dec 2002.

As a celebration of the festive season this page has some fireworks generated by Javascript, so you do not have a virus attacking your screen.

Added are some events in What's On and some articles in Danish

Report and pictures from Howard Bryan on the Rally of The Tests . This year’s event started in Scarborough and headed north via the North Yorks Moors and thence across to Alston and to the first night’s halt in the Lakes.  Next day it was down to the Peak District and another overnight and then finally on to the finish in Bristol.   Dates 8-10 November.

November 2002 I have added my complex wiring diagram that includes alternator, electric fan, head temp sensors, overdrive and rally lamp switching. Tables have been added below the wiring charts for the dynamo and alternator configurations.  Some contributions from Jim Miller, Huntley Perry and Eric Aldcroft.

October 2002 with a couple of Javelins for sale in Aberdeen. Also JowettTalk asked about wiring looms so I have added my complex wiring diagram that includes alternator, electric fan, head temp sensors, overdrive and rally lamp switching. Note the active web pages may crash IE or older operating systems so use the jpg pictures if you do not have Windows XP.  A list of club officers has been added.

September 2002  with some tips for fitting electronic ignition 1,2,3, adjusting the electric petrol pump and the tool, converting to an alternator or changing polarity. Also a note from the owner of my Jup from nearly 40 years ago. Some interesting documents and photos from Jaak Jacobs. Oil cooler needed by Rick, see photos.

Contributions from Ib RasmussenKlaus Hahn,  Angus Bell on Denmark and Howard Bryan on the Rally of The Tests . This year’s event starts in Scarborough and heads north via the North Yorks Moors and thence across to Alston and to the first night’s halt in the Lakes.  Next day its down to the Peak District and another overnight and then finally on to the finish in Bristol.   Dates 8-10 November.

August 2002 pictures of Stars and Stripes.

July 2002.  a tow bar mod and others , also see the discussion forum for info on seat belts and hard top. In reply to a question in the Jowetteer from Canada the jack for a Javelin.

Tony Palmer, a stalwart of the club, a lynchpin of the Spares Service and fine bloke, died suddenly today. Our sympathy goes out to his family and friends, of which he had many. He will be sorely missed. The funeral will be on Monday 24th June at 11.15 in St Saviour's Church, Harden, Nr Bingley, Yorkshire.

May 2002. Counters on the pages show that this 'welcome' page is the most visited. I have been busy rebuilding the Javelin engine and also today cleaned up the valves on one cylinder of the Jupiter that was down on compression. Also started fitting a newly cast exhaust manifold obtained from Jowett Car Spares.  Just some problem with fitting the new studs as the old ones were too short. Luckily I have some extraction bits. With only a couple of weeks to the Jowett Annual Weekend at the end of the month, time is short for preparing the cars, and I have a soapbox to prepare for a race at Goodwood in two weeks! So, not much work has been done on the website apart from adding where to obtain the books in the History section.

Ib has done a great job organising the Denmark trip with no need for deposits. Unfortunately the race has been called off by the city council, but we will organise our own events.

The membership list shows over 550 memberships for 2002 with about 70 who have not yet renewed but will probably notice lack of Jowetteers soon! There are also about 60 complimentary members consisting of ex Jowett employees and others who have done sterling service for the club.

Also added is a page on the preparation for a Soapbox race on July 10, 11, 12 at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

April 2002 by converting the out of favour TIF  format images to pdf. There may be a loss of quality but it is another case of Betamax!

Mar 2002 with details of Danish trip and link to New Zealand JCC site.

Jan 2002 . Various pages have been added including how to identify a Javelinthe Rules and Constitution George Green answers various questions plus a register of cars in New Zealand.  Pictures from Per Bengtsson and this  period article, anybody know where from?

Nov 2001. Added the Media Centre with some videos   , Table of Contents and links to a Discussion Forum and Search Engine.

Oct 2001. Site move. .

Jun 2001. Just added Techtip from Geoff McAuley and some drawings of the Jup Accelerator Pedal

May 2001.  Just added - movie clip from Peter Dixon. and a contribution (including a movie) from Fred Holloway

Reorganisation again to celebrate the adoption by the Jowett Car Club.

February 2001Added events that you may like to put in your diary. 

    Chassis pictures from Jack Jacobs

    More Marathon pictures from Amy

January 2001. Added Bradford technical articles. January 'for sale'.

December 2000. Re-organisation. Added history, magazine, brochure, tech info and buy'n'sell sections.

July 2000. Added events of year 2000.

March 1999. Pictures have been compressed to speed download time.  Bradfords found in Australia, Barry Harding reports. Bradfords in Finland, Eric Hihnala. Jupiters in BC, John Kenna. Stories from Holland and Belgium.

January 1999.  New layout and contributions from Moises Escola, Peer Wiik, Drummond Black and Malcolm McKay. Just added are more pictures of the 1998 Marathon and the 1952 parts book.

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