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Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

Oh yes B499 was one of the Top Cars at Historic grand prix

Look at the others stars! 

show in red shirt HRH Prins Joachim. He was with his Lotus Cortina in same race as B499.

show the 3 time class winner Jan Magnussen in 3 time time class winner car Jowett Jupiter

  show b499 fighting to hold position and 7 time Le mans winner Tom Christensee behind

show some of the other Le Mans winner and yes B 499 beat the 1962 Morgan

more at www.chgp.dk



So has the Jupiter B499 finish its first practice- race and license taken and it run really well

Saturday 29 April on Padborg racetrack it ran over 50 round (100km) and was the fastest car in the class of cars from 1947 to 1959, including 2 MG td, 1MG tc,  2 Citroen B11 Triumph tr2 and 3,  1Ford zephyr 4,  1fiat 600, 1 ford anglia,

My license give now possibility to drive Hill-climb and club race on track and rally, and it will be in the first hill-climb on the 21 April in Rold wood

The hard top is now off and the right Lucas head is on.


Some pictures of the Jupiter at the Monte Carlo start in Copenhagen, Jan 2006.

 Some pictures taken of a Javelin in Denmark.

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