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Can anyone assist Robin in far-off British Columbia? Who else has a left hand drive Javelin?

I have attached a picture of my master cylinder in place, and note that it is on the left hand side of the car, together with a picture of it on a bench.  The "front" is to the right.  Note that the fork is not the same as shown in the parts manual nor the Girling details.

I believe that we have discovered why the master cylinders are "backwards" in LH drive Javelins. At the garage the mechanic modified a master
cylinder to go in the "correct" way, and found that it was difficult to connect the brake lines because the connections were now low down and the
linkages got in the way. Also he thinks that having the connections at the bottom of the cylinder would hinder bleeding the system. I wonder if there are some LH drive Javelins in Europe that could bechecked? Some time has been spent readjusting the rear brake linkages and I hope that this may resolve my problems. The cylinder is now going to be put back in "backwards".

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