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I am Keith Murphy, CA. USA, and you recently posted in Jowett Talk my announcement for the proposed production run of Jupiter convertible top wood parts and custom dash boards. I will be taking some pictures of the convertible top wood parts soon, for you to post, if you would not mind doing so, as well as some complete pictures of the dash that is currently for sale with it's drawer front included. The production run of dashes will look exactly like these pictures, say for wood grain choice perhaps, but those choices will be limited too, and based on what will be available from the manufacture at the time of a group purchase. I only have a set of pictures of my own dash for now, since a few Jupiter owners have already asked to see them, could you post them on a website that Jowett Talk readers could link to?

It will take some time to develop a group order, for both items, so I hope people will be patient as this is a 100% non-profit operation on my end, and will be handled as my time will allow. Would any of the Jowett clubs be interested in a group purchase that I could assist them with, if that might prove more expedient and cost effective? I am glad to be of help, as many Jupiter owners have helped me over the years and I would be happy to assist any interested parties with these projects that I have already invested time and money in, if others can make some use of it
- I hate to see the wheel reinvented by fellow Jupiter owners, well, in this case, reproduction wood parts.

Keith Murphy

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