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I came across your page while I was looking for information on Jowett Bradford Vans (I didn't find any).

I am in Perth Western Australia and have been looking for a small vintage style van to restore and use for my business (I repair sewing machines)

I have located a Jowett Bradford van (I believe about 1947 model) in Exmouth about 2500 kilometres north of here. The chap who has it is not interested in sending me any details, photographs etc., he just says if you are interested come and have a look. Well you can see by the distance that is easier said than done.

I have never seen a Bradford van, and have no idea what they look like or what size they are or any other details. There is some very sketchy details of them in a couple of books I have on cars, they all seem to concentrate on the Javelin.

If you have any details on these vans I would really appreciate it if you could send me some information as to style and size of these vehicles, a photograph would be great if you had one. 

Thanks in advance

Regards Barry Harding (perhaps another Jowett owner)

Thank you Keith,

Regards Barry Harding

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