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I discovered your site on the net with a friend looking for old cars...When I saw the Jowett Jupiter I remembered my childhood in Morocco when my father ran the " Rallye du Maroc " in the fifties with this nice car.

My father , a cars lover had as friend the director of the General Motors in Casablanca... through that way a Jowett Jupiter was delivered from England.
I would like to show to my mother few nice pictures of this car to remember a fascinating passed time. She is 89 years old now.

Even for me, I am proud of my father running this difficult race at that time. One pilot died during this race. My father and his co-pilot finished the race in a good place even during the last speed event on the ring of Casablanca .

The Jowett had a beige colour.

The copilot's name was Mr Beaupéré. Something very funny is , my father Roger saw one day in a sportmagazine an article on a new car, the Jowett Jupiter very strong sport car. So my father spoke to his friend Maurice Gourbaud, the director of the Auto Corporation (Casablanca) ,who offered to my father to order a Jowett for importation from England with the project to run the Rallye du Maroc (1951). The car arrived with a green colour, but Maurice G. didn't like this colour , he was very superstitious !! Also the colour was changed to a beige colour for the race.

Now I shall try to find old pictures from the rallye. I know we have a short movie about the departure of the race and during the event of Casablanca at the end of the Rallye.

Here are some articles about the rally. The links are in TIF format if you want the originals.

Tableau des Etapes

Report. Vigie Rallye

Liste des Engagés + lisible.

Classement Gal Rallye

Contrat Auto Corp..

Patrick di Marco B.

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