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Hi Keith,

As a reasonably new Jowett owner, still struggling to make his Javelin into

something reliable enough to get me to a "Jowett do" I was inspired to see

your site.

Attached is a picture of my Javelin, Pete'sJavelin.jpg (125482 bytes)together with a 15 second movie clip of

the engine running (required to prove to the guys at work that she actually


I have dreams of using her for some sort of rallying in the future, but my

short term aims are to be able to drive her around without bits falling off,

or loosing too many vital fluids!

At some time I'd like to be able to pick your brains on how to make the car

suitable for rallying (nothing too serious though). Have you had seat belts

fitted and of so by whom?

Thanks again for setting up the site and inspiring a fellow Jowett owner who

is often frustrated and confounded by his Javelin! Its my own fault - I

should have stuck with my Panther motorcycles - too many cylinders you see!

Kind regards

Pete Dixon


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