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The Jowett brothers started the Jowett Motor Manufacturing Company in 1901.

The company continued making a range of saloon, sports and utility vehicles until 1954.

This web will record the History; but for now I recommend you read one of the following publications. A marvelous booklet is available to read here.

jh-ns1.jpg (87390 bytes)jh-ns2.jpg (131189 bytes) Images of Motoring, Jowett, 1901-1954, (ISBN 0 7524 1723 1) is the history of the company  told through over 200 excellent photographs with some text. At the UK price of 9.99 (USA price $18.99) it is excellent value for money. Compiled by Noel Stokoe, Press secretary of the Jowett Car Club and the Jupiter Owners Auto Club.
Obtain from Tempus Publishing Ltd, The Mill, Brimscombe Port, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2QG, UK

Arcadia Publishing, 2 Cumberland street, Charleston, SC 29401, USA


jh-ch1.jpg (793911 bytes)jh-ch2.jpg (1227472 bytes) The Complete Jowett History by Paul Clarke and Edmund Nankivell. ISBN 0-85429-683-2
Publisher: Haynes in 1991
  This book is only available from second-hand sources.


jh-ju1.jpg (208015 bytes)jh-ju2.jpg (104984 bytes)  The Jowett Jupiter, the car that leaped to fame, by Edmund Nankivell. ISBN 0-7134-3835-5 Publisher: Batsford in 1981
  Now only available from second-hand sources.


The Jowett Jupiter, a car for Road, Rally and Race by Edmund Nankivell. ISBN 0-9541144-0-X
  Can be purchased from www.jowettjupiter.co.uk/buybook.htm


jh-aa1.jpg (122237 bytes)jh-aa2.jpg (181415 bytes)  Auto-Architect, The Autobiography of Gerald Palmer. Only 750 copies have been printed in what is described as a Limited Edition.
  Contact Magna press, Knowle House, Hooke Road, East Horsley, Nr Leatherhead, Surrey KT24 5DY,


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