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Terms for advertising in the monthly club magazine are shown below. Please send an email to the editor if you wish to advertise. JCC must be in the subject for the mail to be redirected! If you just wish to place here, on the web, then send a mail to the webmaster.  The address and phone details have been removed from adverts. Non-club members should email their details to the  the webmaster  who will pass them on to the advertiser.

NOTE: Advertisements are free of charge to private individuals outside of as well as from within, the Club- subject to editing as deemed appropriate. Advertisements from outside traders and bona fide ‘plc’s will be charged as follows: 1/8-page (5 lines) -£12.50; 1/4-page (10 lines) - £25; 1/2-page (20 lines) - £50; full page- £100.

It would be extremely helpful if traders would specify what proportion of a page they are buying at the time of their submission. Any advertisement received without an accompanying payment where one is appropriate, or a payment which is less than that which is due, may either not be published or else edited down to its qualifying size. This matter shall be administered at the discretion of the Editor. All advertising material should be sent to the Editor, in advance of each month’s deadline. The JCC, its Officers and Committee, cannot be held liable for any information given, parts sold, or services given or advertised.

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