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From Margaret Adams

My husband has 2 - 1947 Jowetts 1 standard & 1 de luxe both in need of a great deal of restoration and TLC!!     

From Duncan Laing

I read your e mail and happened to be visiting Aberdeen on Saturday so I phoned Margaret Adams and arranged to visit in the afternoon. Husband Jimmy is now more interested in fishing, since he retired, and as Saturday was the last day of the season on the Spey, he wasn't at home. They live in Fraserburgh, some 40 miles North of Aberdeen and both used to compete in rallies. The cars are now at the side of their house because they had been vandalised where they were previously.

Javelin Nr 1 EX 7045 E0/PC/11 898 Two tone gold/sand Steelwork Rust appearing especially on the roof Nearly all windows broken Bonnet loose. Late type badge Scrape on rear left wing One piece grille Large headlights Interior Deluxe. Leather good but weathered Tear on top of rear squab Instruments PB Type Complete Switches PB Type Complete Engine/gearbox Removed Suspension Early type front Restorable I think but a lot of work

Javelin Nr 2 DE 5684 E0/PB/10 490D Black Steelwork Rusty Nearly all windows broken Bonnet loose. Early type badge Part late type grille Small headlights Interior De luxe Leather tired. Tear on top rear squab Instruments PB Type Complete Switches PB Type Complete Engine/Gearbox Complete but very rusty Suspension Early type front Probably beyond reasonable repair Some useful spares

Javelin Nr 3 I did not see it. Was locked away in garage and Margaret did not have a key. JA probably wants to keep this one. Believed to be nearly ready to run



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