Please rescue two Jupiters
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Please rescue two Jupiters.

Parts are in boxes, all the panels are there, and not too grim ....the interiors are all over the place. We don't know the first thing about the Jupiter .....the log books are here with the cars ........They have been stored 30 years .... We purchased them in a job lot .......There are spare cranks, 3 engines, bits etc all in the same condition.

 E25A 575R[EIPC17576]     Reg: XME587

 E3/SA/896R     Reg: TJO 887

Contact: Steve Gray

Tel : 01932 828545

Mobile : 07860 912217
Fax : 01932 828550

Brooklands Motor Company
Brabham Buildings Bridge Estate
Byfleet Road
KT15 3JE


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