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This section is devoted to all the printed material that I have found on Jowetts. Copyright is acknowledged wherever appropriate. Many of the magazines that published information on Jowetts are still in existence, which is a celebration of their continued good reporting. This section has been  superseded by JowettGallery.

The Jowetteers are a valuable source of information and are available from the Jowett Shop stretching back to 1964. Here is an index complied by Alan Brierley of their contents. One day we will get them all on the web site if somebody wants to scan them !  I have started... but my collection goes back to 1960!



There is  also a list of the hundred or so videos available to borrow from the club. Contact our Film Librarian. The list will be posted on the members site.

The first is the Motorsport of July 1952 that covered Le Mans and some exploits of the Southern Jowett Car Club. Behind each thumbnail is a pdf or TIF with LZW compression PC (not  MAC) file.

       872kb tif or 2.9MBpdf version (The TIF is better quality!)

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