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Spare parts in the Jowett Car Club store are available to Jowett Car Club Members only since the club and its individual members have invested a lot of time, effort and money in creating an excellent service. 

You may fax +44 1535 69 20 02 at any time or phone each Monday (except Bank Holidays) between 19.00hrs and 21.00hrs British Time on the same number.

You may e-mail spares with orders or technical enquiries but please remember the service is staffed by volunteers who meet on Monday evening. Please use parts book to find part number and description and quote when ordering. You should copy webmaster since this may help me track any problems.

Other individuals offering Jowett related services may be found on Ed's Spares link. 

The site contains an index of the 1952 Javelin and Jupiter parts book that has each page in pdf format.

I have tried character recognition on the text with the hope of building a database. Jenny is now proof reading so watch this space. Spreadsheet now added but beware it is 0.7MB in HTML format. or  364KB in text version that is not as well formatted

I intend to add the 1948 parts book that I have. If someone has an SC Jupiter book they can lend me, I (or they) can scan to complete the picture. Please send this and other Jowett car parts books and we can build a library on-line. It is quite interesting seeing the development of parts over the years. For instance the trunnion that failed on the Marathon did not have splines to hold the rubber bush like the one on the other side.   No doubt a repair in the distant past.

I can remember going to Liverpool library in 1968 to copy two (all I could afford) pages from the parts manual so that I could rebuild the Jupiter that I had just bought.  That was all the knowledge I possessed on Jowetts at the time! It did help me find that tie bolt under the balancing tube in the crankcase after brute force and ignorance had failed to split the two halves!

I hope to use the books as references in HTML documents of technical tips that you (out there) and I are going to write. Aren't we?

Recipients of information provided on this site should check with relevant experts before relying on it.

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