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This page displays the superb booklet produced by Jowett Cars Limited to celebrate the 50 years of production. It is a wonderful history lesson. Pages are in compressed GIF around 200kB which were compressed from my superb scanned images of 6MB. With such compression colours change from the original and definition is lost. One day I will layer the images and text so that a superb web page recreates the splendour of the original on the screen.

j50b1.gif (298717 bytes)  j50b2.gif (13467 bytes) j50b3.gif (220199 bytes)  j50b4.gif (70446 bytes)  j50b5.gif (289498 bytes)  j50b6.gif (555900 bytes)  j50b7.gif (522934 bytes)  j50b8.gif (364304 bytes)  j50b9.gif (167597 bytes)  j50b10.gif (289902 bytes) j50b11.gif (455985 bytes)  j50b12.gif (482760 bytes)  j50b13.gif (402693 bytes)  j50b14.gif (478972 bytes)  j50b15.gif (431495 bytes) j50b16.gif (311589 bytes)  j50b17.gif (321207 bytes)  j50b18.gif (200291 bytes) j50b19.gif (309823 bytes)  j50b20.gif (310456 bytes)  j50b21.gif (312983 bytes)  j50b22.gif (333476 bytes)  j50b23.gif (306133 bytes) j50b24.gif (186389 bytes) j50b25.gif (271148 bytes) j50b26.gif (306860 bytes)  j50b27.gif (36022 bytes) 





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