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Some of the cups awarded during the year.



 Attendance Cup - Ladies

For attendance at club section meetings and events

Attendance Cup - Gents


George Mitchell Rose Bowl

Sporting/Competition Award

Butterworth & Pilkington Trophy

Contributions to the Jowetteer

Ken Warren Trophy

Greatest mileage to Rally (Pro-War Car)

Riviera Cup

Greatest mileage to Rally (Post-War Car)

Side Valve Rose Bowl *

Greatest mileage covered in the past year

Keir Williams Plate

Rally Period Dress Competition

Castrol Trophy

Best section Stand at National Rally

Best of the Rest Clock

Best Non-Concours entry (N. Section vote)

Peoples’ Award

Best Non-Concours entry (Peoples vote)

Concours Awards


Class A

Vintage cars Produced before 1931

Class B

Pre-war cars produced 1931 - 1940

Class C

Commercial Vehicles produced to 1940

Class D

Bradford — all models

Class E

Javelin (Standard)

Class F

Javelin (Deluxe)

Class G


Class H

Special Bodied Jowett (all models)

Marcell Becquart Trophy

Special Bodied Jupiter

Side Valve Concours Cup

Car of the Show (Side Valve)

Overhead Valve Concours Cup

Car of the Show (Overhead Valve)

Member of the Year Award

Nominated by all sections of the JCC

Horace Grimley Award

For outstanding services to the Jowett Car Club and/or Jowetts in general


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