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JAW 2006 Bingley

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The What's On and Section News page has really moved to jowett.org I cannot guarantee to keep up with events due to my busy schedule!

Below are some things to think about. If there is nothing there for you then why not organise something? We will all come along!!!

Armidale-Armadale, Australia, Easter 2006. In fact now....

About 20 Pommies are off to the JCCA meet in Armidale, NSW, and some idiots are attempting to take Jowetts from and back to Armadale, Western Australia. Have a look at the route here. Those interested in joining or watching them pass should email the webmaster.


Section meetings throughout the year.

Each of the nine regional sections of the UK club have a program of events. Contact relevant person on Officers page if you need to meet up with some Jowett enthusiasts. The Californian section also meet occasionally!

Here is a section lunch in the South West Section at the Hotel destined to suffer JAW 2009. 23 people attended Sunday lunch.




 You might like to visit the  North-West Section Site.

Take part in running the club contact Chairman or section secretary on Officers page if you would like to  attend

  • Executive meetings at Thringstone, Leicestershire 11 a.m till 4 p.m. in





  • AGM held in October  at Coventry Motor Museum.

Club members also attend various competitive and social meetings throughout the year. Here are some highlights


Prescott (Gloucestershire) events for this year are the Historic Meeting in June and the Vintage Sports Car  in August.  They also are offering Hillclimb Drivers School courses on 11 days throughout the year. So if you are interested to compete or watch then contact me.



Ardennen and Eifel Tour.


Jack Jacobs has sent me details and Video of last year’s tour which was very reasonable and an enjoyable experience meeting with the Belgium Car Club.  There is one this year in July/August but I suggested to Jack that we postponed it until ???.


This year’s price is about £370 for two for 4 nights (5 days) which includes return ferry for 2 plus car (Dover /Calais), double room in Hotel Eifelhaus (Heimbach, Germany), route book (with simple tulip directions), all breakfasts and dinners (except last night) including BBQ and Medieval meal. The trip can be extended 2 days for an extra £236 for two. (This great increase is because of ferry pricing).


Please contact me if you would like to go this year or next year.



Then there are tentative ideas for other events such as Prague, Artic Circle, Death Valley but closer to the majority of owners a regular event that we have attended is Beulieu in September, Goodwood Revival the same weekend, various Hill Climbs including Prescott or...

September. Isle of Man. Possibility for 2006 or 7

How about a few days on the Isle of Man in September watching loads of classic cars sprinting around the island, or you could participate.  JowettTalk  if you are thinking of going.



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