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Since not all of these people regularly read email, please mail Please leave "JCC-" in the subject so that the mail gets through the spam filter. Note these offices are completely voluntary and their holders are giving up their time to help you. Perhaps you could put something back into the club that would be of benefit to all as well! All information they provide is given in good faith and it is up to the recipient to decide whether to act on such information or consult others. The club, its officers and its members cannot be held individually or collectively responsible for actions or inaction taken on provision of such advice.

 Office Name Email


Malcolm Oliver  
Chairman Geoff Wills  

Vice Chairman

Roger Cross  


Mary Young  


Sheila Rigg  

Membership Sec

Louise Koch-Osborne Yes


Alan Brierley Yes

Competition Sec

Keith Clements Yes

Spares Officer

Peter Holden  

Press Officer & Librarian

Noel Stokoe Yes

Film Librarian

Keith Wear Yes

Post-1937 Help

Bill Lock Yes

Pre-1937 Help

Ian Priestley  

Jowett Shop

Robert Baines Yes

Pre War Registrar

Ian Priestley  

Bradford Registrar

Paul Beaumont Yes

Javelin Registrar

Eden Lindsay Yes

Jupiter Registrar

Ed Nankivell Yes

Anglian Section sec

Chris Lane Yes

Midlands Section sec

Peter Tribble Yes

Northern Section sec

Pauline Winteringham  

North East Section sec

Peter Welch Yes

NorthWest Section sec

Doris Whitney Yes

Scottish Section sec

John Johnstone  

Severnside Section sec

Danuta Morgan Yes

Southern Section sec

Roger Cross  

South West Section sec

Geoff Wills  
International Section sec Tom Chapman Yes
Jowett Juniors Paul Beaumont Yes
Awards Coordinator Sandra Purves  
Spares Michael Koch-Osborne Yes

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