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I need a vintage correct Bowman engine mounted oil cooler, with tubulars and mounting brackets.  It is important to me that the cooler appears vintage correct, and that it is road worthy.  I would be interested in old units that can be refurbished, pieces of old units like the mounting brackets or tubulars, or any leads of a machinists capable of reproducing the unit from photos and a detailed spec sheet (below).

I have included some photos and original cooler schematics and specifications below that show what I believe a vintage correct oil cooler for the Jupiter looks like.  The photos were taken by David Burrows, who was kind enough to provide these images in order to assist me in finding, or rebuilding from scratch a vintage correct cooler.  If anyone has any helpful information for me, please click on the "send us an email" button at the end of the page and drop me an email.

Thank you in advance.

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Schematic of the oil cooler from original Jowett Cars Ltd technical brief.



Original design schematics.


Original specification sheet.