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Javelin Steering Column Adjustment

From Geoff McAuley

Hi Keith,

Thought your TechTip page looked a bit bare, so here's one to kick it into life (not that this will be of the slightest interest to anyone!). The Javelin steering column & box assembly is cleverly designed to allow for adjustment to compensate for wear. But it's a blighter to do, particularly adding or removing the triangular brass shims, which has to be done standing on your head with your legs flailing in the air!. The maintenance manual tells you how to do the adjustments, but few people know that it's a lot easier to do the task if you've got the engine out.  Simply remove the steering wheel and the steering box fixing bolts. Pull the box and column out through the engine bay, and then do all the adjustments on the workbench.  Afterwards, slot the entire assembly back up through the scuttle, & Bob's your Uncle.  Thankfully the process only needs doing about once every 50 years - so it's hardly a chore!


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