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Jupiter accelerator pedal.

Dear Keith,
> Thanks for the greetings, please have a happy 2001 yourself. You may know
> already from Ed Nankivell and John Blaze that I own E2/SA/882R, the sole
> surviving Jupiter I believe in Asia. I've owned her for the last 30 years.
> I'm in urgent need of two sketches:
> (1) The toggle hood catch securing the centre of the front lip of the hood
> onto the top edge of the windscreen.
> (2) A line drawing of the inner workings of the Jupiter accelerator pedal.
> These two items have been long modified and I wish to revert back to
> original. If posting, Edmund and John have my postal address.
> Sincerely,
> Asoka Wijesurendra

Keith's reply....

Sorry it has taken so long but I have only just been given a pedal to look at.

Attached are some very sketchy drawings I did this evening. Hope they are of some help. I did technical drawing at school, but you would never guess!

I will take some pictures and add these soon.

Note Bill Lock has pedal bits in his spares list on his web site.


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