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These mailboxes may not be regularly read. If you do not receive a reply in the timeframe you desire, please inform the webmaster or contact the secretary by email or post. Once the officer has replied you can converse using their email address, or JowettTalk if you have registered there. If you want to converse by telephone, please leave your phone number.

Spam filters on the mailboxes may prevent messages reaching intended recipients. You should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. If you do not, it is probably because you typed your email address incorrectly. So please try again. The confirmation message on the screen will confirm your email address, to which officer you have sent the message and the message. Please check this. If this still does not work you can send a mail directly to Keith.Clements via

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>Webmaster, If you have any comment on the website or have difficulty using or finding things.

>Secretary of the JCC Ltd.

>Spares, To reach our hard working spares team.



>Vice Chairman

>MembershipSec, for questions on membership.

>Editor, If you want to place an advert or say you have some copy for the magazine.

>JowettShop, If you want to purchase or have something you think can be sold by the shop.

>Junior, If you want to suggest an activity for our Junior members.

>PressOfficerLibrarian, for general questions on Jowetts.

>FilmLibrarian, to hire or suggest media for inclusion in the Library.

>CompetitionSec, for questions about sporting events, particularly if you want to partake.

>InternationalSectionSec, for the non-UK members to sort spares or subscriptions.

>ScottishSec, for local events in Scotland.

>NorthEastSec, for local events close to Northumberland.

>NorthernSec, for local events close to Yorkshire.

>NorthWestSec, for local events close to Cheshire.

>MidlandSec, for local events in the centre of the UK.

>AnglianSec, for local events in the east of the UK.

>SouthernSec, for local events in the south of the UK.

>SevernsideSec, for local events around the River Severn.

>SouthWestSec, for local events in the south west of the UK.






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