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Please use the request form to contact your shopkeeper or phone Danuta +44 7860338525 or +44 1633556292 during sociable times. Please enquire about payment options in your request. This contact is not to be used for any other enquiry. Do not use it for spares enquiries. Some items are illustrated here. Click on link in description to see photo. Please quote 'Item number' and description when ordering.

If you have any spare Jowett stock, why not donate to the shop? Your shopkeeper might offer you some reward for passing the unwanted items on to someone who needs them. Please contact her.

All prices are plus postage and packing. If you are not a member of the Jowett Car Club Limited, please make an appropriate donation to the club. Some items' price depends on condition as they are original.

Price List JCC Member Price Non Member Donation Item number
Round vanity mirror £6.00 £7.00 1
Heart vanity mirror £6.00 £7.00 2
Phone case £3.50 £4.50 3
Jowett Lapel Badge, New Design, Pin £5.50 £6.50 4
Jowett Lapel Badge, New Design, Bar £5.50 £6.50 5
Jowett Key Fob with light £4.99 £5.99 6
Jowett Key Fob, New Design £5.50 £6.50 7
Baseball Cap in Black, one size fits all, £7.50 £8.50 8
Baseball Cap in Blue , one size fits all, £7.50 £8.50 9
"My other Car is a Jowett" Sticker £2.50 £3.50 10
"Jowett Cars made in Yorkshire" Sticker £2.50 £3.50 11
Jowett Tax Disc Holder with Quick Reference code £3.50 £4.50 12
"Jowett" Round Window Sticker £2.00 £3.00 13
90th Fridge magnet £2.50 £3.00 14
Jowett Sew-On Badge £2.00 £3.00 15
Jowett Pen £4.99 £5.99 16
Flip up notepad with pen shown closed and open £6.00 £7.00 17
"Jowett Car Club Ltd" Jute Bag £5.50 £6.00 18
"Keep Calm and Jowett on" coaster blue £2.50 £3.50 19
"Keep Calm and Jowett on" coaster green £2.50 £3.50 20
Red Jowett car coaster £2.50 £3.50 21
Black Jowett car coaster £2.50 £3.50 22
Green Jowett car coaster £2.50 £3.50 23
Blue Jowett car coaster £2.50 £3.50 24
Jowett Mug £2.50 £3.50 25
Jowett Tea Towels New Design (Buy two get one free, so your son can help) £5.00 £6.00 26
Jowetteer Binders (Holds 24 Jowetteers) £7.00 N/A 27
Jowett Car Club Badge (Car Mounted) £38.00 N/A 28
Jowett, Advertising the Marque by Noel Stokoe 12.99 £15 101
Sporting Jowetts by Noel Stokoe £17.99 £20 102
Jowett 0f the 1920 by Noel Stokoe £14.99 £17 103
Jowett Centenary of Memories by Noel Stokoe £15.99 £18 104
My car was a Jowett by Noel Stokoe £12.99 £15 105
The Jowett Jupiter by Ed Nankivell £35.00 £38 106
The Complete Jowett History by Clarke and Nankivell £50.00 £55 107
Jupiter Instruction book £10.00 £12 201
Jupiter Wiring Diagram £1.50 £2 202
Javelin Jupiter Maintenance Manual various prices 203
Javelin & Jupiter by Profile £8.00 £9.00 204
Javelin engine re-building £.3.50 £4 205
Javelin Technical Information £4.50 £5 206
Javelin Lubrication Chart £3.00 £4 207
Javelin PA Model book £4.50 £6 208
Javelin Instruction books various prices 209
Javelin Maintenance Manual various prices 210
Javelin 1948 Parts List various prices 211
Javelin 1950 Parts List various prices 212
Bradford CC Instruction Book £5.00 £7 213
Bradford Spares Book £5.00 £7 214
Pitmans Book All Models £8.00 £10 215
Jowett Light Car Specification £1.00 £1.50 216
Light Car Instruction books various prices 217
Light Car Price list various prices 218
Water pump handbook £5.00 £6 219
Competition tuning notes for the Javelin £5.00 £7 220


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