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How the site works.

If you have clicked here, it's probably because you are visiting us for the first time or are a bit baffled as to how the site works.

The webpages on laptop, tablet and smartphone.

The site resizes depending upon whether you are using a PC, a tablet or a phone. Generally though the text stays pretty much the same size so it is still readable on a small screen. The only downside is you won't get many words per line, so although it works with a phone, it is a better experience on a tablet or PC.

Navigation and menus.

On a phone or small screened tablet ( or a small browser window on a larger device) you will find the word 'Menu' in white lettering on black near the top, click on that to make the full menu choices appear. On an iPad, larger tablet, laptop or PC there will be a series of tabs with white writing on black across the top. Clicking on these either launches that page or gives you a sub menu. If you then click on a sub menu item it will then take you to that page. Sub menus are just a simple way of not ending up with endless tabs on the main screen. It also means we can group similar topics together. Important! If you cannot open some of these tabs please refer to the section later on. The slideshows. The slideshows can be turned off and on using the grey buttons.


You can control the show by clicking the arrows(3) (sliding finger left or right on touch screens), select a slide using the underscore lines (2), pause the show on the moving block (1) or by moving cursor to the slide (finger on touch screen). The picture can usually be displayed full screen by clicking on it. You should scroll your screen slightly to get the best view of the presentation by removing the menu and footer from view.

Links to other pages

The slideshow pages have links and buttons that take you to other webpages. Use your web browser back arrow to return or if a new tab was opened return to the homepage tab. My email address ..I cannot get into some parts of the site! Some areas are open to everyone, this is so we can tell the public in general about the cars and our Club. Some areas are accessible by Members only, so you need to be a paid up member to access these areas (see details via the membership menu). To get into these areas you will need to sign in by using the Club Services session activation token or your JowettTalk Username and the passwords you chose on registration. So do not forget your passwords, JowettTalk Username or loose your activation token. There are ways of recovering if you do, so go to the Help and FAQ when it does. If your email address changes then you need to update it in JowettTalk and the membership list whilst you still have access to your old inbox, otherwise you need to contact the webmaster and membership secretary.

Club Services Registration

Current members, or those wishing to join the club, should register so that they obtain an activation token (sent to them by email) that can be used to sign into the member services. During this registration other details are requested that can be used to verify your identity. You can reuse this activation token that was sent to you with the password you chose. This method of signing in allows you to use a simpler password as there is less risk than using a username or email address as an identity. If you do forget your password or loose your token you should register again for a replacement activation token. You should register using your main email address as this will be used to verify your identity and communicate with you. It will also be used to link to the JowettTalk forum library system. Please read the email and web pages carefully and use the help links, if you are unsure what to do.

Forum registration

If you are not a club member then you can still register in the forum but please tell us your interest in Jowetts. Once your registration is accepted your account will be activated. You should register using your main email address as this will be used to verify your identity and communicate with you. During registration you are asked for other details and a user name (which we like to be your name) and a password. This password needs to be strong so please read the instructions. Please read the FAQ if you are unsure what to do. If you forget your password then you can reset it via the forgotten password link. If you forget your username then you can use MemberServices to find it for you. Members who register on the forum should also indicate to which Jowett Club they belong as then they will be given access to the member only pages. If you cannot get access then usually this is because:- we don't have you down as a paid up member or your email address on our records is incorrect or someone (perhaps you) has tried to register again using the email address and thus cancelled the old activation token or very occasionally we might be having a technical issue. In most instances access issues relate to the first two reasons shown but always contact the webmaster if you suspect anything. Whichever is the case, please send the email to the providing details such as your name, email and phone number.

Loosing or forgetting your credentials

If you have lost your member services activation key, or forgotten your password, or have incorectly entered your password and invalidated the activation key...then you need to register for a new activation key. If you have forgotten your JowettTalk username or password then .... To check your username, use your Member Services activation key and login to Member Services. Choose the role as Member. At the end of your Menu it will tell you your JT username. Click the button to login to JT. Try your password. If it does not work, click the forgotten password link. This will send you an email. Click the link in it. Set the password in your profile to what you want. The Member Services service was introduced because people forget their JT username.

The Forum.

The forum is open to anyone with an interest in Jowetts, including other affiliated club members so you get the benefit of worldwide expertise. If someone wants to approach the Club with a car for sale, spares, services or events of interest to us they should have free access to an area to post their message. There are areas of JowettTalk which are not publically accessible and can only be viewed by club members. This includes the magazine, library of manuals, engineering drawings and your personal albums. You will need to create a user name and a password to post a message. Click on 'Register' at the top of the Forum page. Once registered and your account is activated you can also go to your profile and tell JowettTalk to authorize login using your Facebook or Google account Your access link and password for the member services will not work to access the Forum. You need to sign into the Forum separately, but you can have a session to both open concurrently and so have access to all services such as the video library, archive and technical library.


Have you seen the 'Search' box on the main/Home page? Type a single word or phrase in here to search all of the site but not JowettTalk or the Archive. There is a search facility on the JowettTalk Forum as well. Look for the fairly small word 'Search' at the top right. Click on this and then in 'Search string' box type what you are looking for e.g. "camshaft". You can also search the selected forum only. There is also a search facility for all the 20000 plus documents in the Library which have been copied onto a separate server called the Archive. It can be accessed via the Archive sub-menu.This search webpage also provides an advert free search of and the video archive. Please note these are secure facilities and we trust you to help maintain that security and not distribute the information therein.

Jowetteer magazine

The printed magazines have been optical character read and are stored in the Magazine section of the UK part of JowettTalk and also in the digital Archive. To access the Jowetteer click on the link from the main page. We welcome any stories you have about your restorations or activities. 60 plus years of magazines are available in the searchable Archive and the Library. Click on 'Archive' then 'Archive Search'.

Downloadable stuff.

We have a lot more space within our website to store and make available items to members like the Parts Books and the Workshop Manuals. Have a look what is available in the Technical Library, you might find just the thing you need! We are members of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) and the MSA. A copy of the MSA Year Book (or 'Blue Book' as it is known) which is the 'bible' for any aspiring racer or rallyist is available from


I am guessing you have already found this tab! There is lots of information and links to spares suppliers that are known. If you find anything useful to other Members, let us know so we can add it to our list. So that's it, have a play around and find all the stuff that is yours as a member!

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