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The diagrams from the bulletins can be found here. Pages that are just text have not been added yet but the Club's edited handbook can be found from these pointers. All are PDF.




Bradford Figures


Jav Jup Figures


Jupiter Circuit diagram

I will make the page prettier later! Thanks to Bob Jones.

This section currently now contains pdf images of the Jowett Service Bulletins since TIF has fallen out of favour. But I have left this bit of text to explain the original choice for TIF format. I tried at low definition at 300dpi and lots of image enhancement giving  a file of about 30kb but some characters lost definition (see page 1) so they are now at 600dpi. This makes the files about 170kb. The originals have been well used and are over 50 years old, so I have done a lot of touching up with Adobe Photoshop. I have also tried optical character recognition to reduce the size down to 10k per page but I have not found a reliable way of maintaining the original column format. The background removal software did a great job at removing the dirt, ancient sticky tape,  rips and folds to give nice clean characters. But when moved to an web page they loose their spacing making tables difficult to read. Note the TIF images are LZW compressed but this method looses no information so they can be reconstituted back to bit maps without loss. I need to get below the 30k/page mark before loading all 200 pages of the service bulletin manual. If you have any specific requests drop me a mail and I can load them on.

This is the Data Sheet.


More will follow when I get the time.


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