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  1.     No not broke, just another pic, this time of a distant Erg.jcpfs120.jpg (28789 bytes)
  2.     That Norwegian has come a bit too far south.jcpfs121.jpg (17093 bytes)
  3.     We turned left at this tree.jcpfs122.jpg (17881 bytes)
  4.     The overnight hotel for Moises and Meli.jcpfs123.jpg (45003 bytes)
  5.     Probably more reliable than a Jowett in the desert.jcpfs124.jpg (22787 bytes)
  6.     Rally car exits on the desert bone rattler.jcpfs125.jpg (19714 bytes)
  7.     The Jolly Tipping B heading for a bump or two.jcpfs126.jpg (27343 bytes)
  8.     The Hooley/Horton 100M about to enjoy itself.jcpfs127.jpg (39257 bytes)
  9.     Not seen one of these yet at full speed.jcpfs128.jpg (54659 bytes)
  10.     I am glad to say this road has tarmac on it.jcpfs129.jpg (27555 bytes)
  11.     So this is the roughest road we went on, plus we hit a wet wadi too fast and got wet.jcpfs130.jpg (34143 bytes)
  12.     A rest for the driver after all that rough stuff and Ifrane belly.jcpfs131.jpg (55973 bytes)
  13.     Photo stop after the regularity.jcpfs132.jpg (52052 bytes)
  14.     The Dugdale Rover 60 learning some Welsh marshalling.jcpfs133.jpg (54406 bytes)
  15.     Who is videoing?jcpfs134.jpg (51681 bytes)
  16.     Horse jam.jcpfs135.jpg (47816 bytes)
  17.     Jeremy recovered?jcpfs136.jpg (29172 bytes)
  18.     Philip relieved?jcpfs137.jpg (42256 bytes)
  19.     Jeremy drops some more!jcpfs138.jpg (35923 bytes)
  20.     Tony who helped keep us in the rally, who with Andy fixed the broken suspension.jcpfs139.jpg (35004 bytes)
  21.     Peter who earned some peaches when mending my puncture by the roadside in Spain.jcpfs140.jpg (30002 bytes)

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