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A selection of clips from the Keith Clements’ video of the Classic Marathon 1998 to Morocco.

All clips are in jpg format suitable for PC viewing, taken with a JVC GR-DVM801 digital video.  I suggest you save into a file and then use a proper viewer to obtain the 768x552x16million colour quality.  They have not been saved in the higher quality bit map format or processed with a photo editor.  Some with movement need to be saved by field rather than frame but quality will come later.  Sound will be added soon so you can relish the throb of the engines.

Please send me any clips you have, particularly of Jowetts, by e-mail or snail mail.   Ed likes Frame 20, send me your vote for the best.  Amy has lots of 35mm pics that are waiting to be returned for scanning. Moises and Malcolm have sent me some photos which are awaiting loading onto the site. Either click on the text or the thumbnail to retrieve a better quality picture.

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  1. Wire from the Jowett spares kit gets Nigel and Christine Gray’s Vauxhall to the start.jcpfs01.jpg (39603 bytes)
  2. Jup ready for scrutineering.jcpfs02.jpg (60523 bytes)
  3. Amy scrutinizing the scrutineering form.jcpfs03.jpg (36409 bytes)
  4. The Brock-Jest /Mayes Lagonda in pride of place.jcpfs04.jpg (37639 bytes)
  5. Amy packing the navigation bag at the Versailles start.jcpfs05.jpg (44846 bytes)
  6. The family made DAF of Dolk and Volk.jcpfs06.jpg (53191 bytes)
  7. And the Porsche of Buffum and Wilson that won.jcpfs07.jpg (55816 bytes)
  8. In the next frame, Nigel and Chris who lay third until a track rod went in the desert.jcpfs08.jpg (39096 bytes)
  9. The Hardman’s Bentley making a lovely sound.jcpfs09.jpg (38230 bytes)
  10. Going through that pretty town that some by-passed.jcpfs10.jpg (26409 bytes)
  11. The Daniell and Day Rolls being taken by YSU 603jcpfs11.jpg (33276 bytes)
  12. The main reason Amy came- to shoot photos.jcpfs12.jpg (54725 bytes)
  13. The Dean’s XK150.jcpfs13.jpg (36563 bytes)
  14. The Berkhof/Smeet Amazonjcpfs14.jpg (34952 bytes)
  15. The Actman /Ward MGBjcpfs15.jpg (34193 bytes)
  16. Karen clambering out of that Bentley.jcpfs16.jpg (41064 bytes)
  17. Dave and Issy with that sparkling 1800.jcpfs17.jpg (50473 bytes)
  18. The Jup being looked at while we took coffee.jcpfs18.jpg (60396 bytes)
  19. A Bovine force majeure.jcpfs19.jpg (49612 bytes)
  20. Dordogne rain about to stop for 2 seconds.jcpfs20.jpg (33641 bytes)
  21. Midnight and waiting for the suspension arm to be repaired by Tony and a French Paris /Dakar mechanic.jcpfs21.jpg (28869 bytes)
  22. Who says you cannot take the lower arm off with the engine in? Andy and I did after a lot of patience.jcpfs22.jpg (26471 bytes)
  23. The Crewe’s Silver Cloud against a blue sky.jcpfs23.jpg (50770 bytes)
  24. The Byford Healey nearing Andorrajcpfs24.jpg (33466 bytes)
  25. The Dalrymple/Cook Jag MkII in convoy.jcpfs25.jpg (40251 bytes)
  26. The Spurling’s Morgan about to join the petrol queue!jcpfs26.jpg (35182 bytes)
  27. The Fairclough/Surtees MGC on the last bend of that Andorran climb.jcpfs27.jpg (26532 bytes)
  28. A dot on the picture but great sound on the video.jcpfs28.jpg (33514 bytes)
  29. Two dots as we descend into that gorge with houses in the cliff face.jcpfs29.jpg (75274 bytes)
  30. That photographer again.jcpfs30.jpg (37201 bytes)
  31. The ex works MGB of Darcey and Hutchinson.jcpfs31.jpg (40307 bytes)
  32. The Gammons /Ellis 69.jcpfs32.jpg (33972 bytes)
  33. That camera bag must have cost me 10 seconds in Andorra!jcpfs33.jpg (51912 bytes)
  34. The town that lives in the cliff.jcpfs34.jpg (58087 bytes)
  35. On top of the cliff again, the gorge out of sight.jcpfs35.jpg (35485 bytes)
  36. The non-stone-throwing reception!jcpfs36.jpg (49167 bytes)
  37. A sunset, Amy driving and a Healeyjcpfs37.jpg (43051 bytes)
  38. A disrespectful daughter.jcpfs38.jpg (32555 bytes)
  39. That compass never did point the right way, but was a good way of detecting iron ore.jcpfs39.jpg (38312 bytes)
  40. This proves Amy drove in each country, except Andorra.jcpfs40.jpg (42015 bytes)

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