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  1. Algericas, the boat to Tanger.jcpfs41.jpg (48922 bytes)
  2. What dog?jcpfs42.jpg (49121 bytes)
  3. Planning the evening in Tanger?jcpfs43.jpg (53661 bytes)
  4. The central reservation for the Marathon.jcpfs44.jpg (50639 bytes)
  5. A swim before the desert.jcpfs45.jpg (21592 bytes)
  6. A dusty roadjcpfs46.jpg (17173 bytes)
  7. Avoiding a truck.jcpfs47.jpg (28735 bytes)
  8. Spectators and an approaching earth mover.jcpfs48.jpg (27580 bytes)
  9. Following the E-Types into Fezjcpfs49.jpg (18370 bytes)
  10. Fortress Fez.jcpfs50.jpg (47304 bytes)
  11. Matching the pitch of the wiper with the wall.jcpfs51.jpg (29310 bytes)
  12. Dust, sand and tarred chippings everywhere.jcpfs52.jpg (51404 bytes)
  13. Moises and Meli from Madrid who want to do the Marathon next year.jcpfs53.jpg (58336 bytes)
  14. In the high Atlas.jcpfs54.jpg (27082 bytes)
  15. That sandstorm is coming.jcpfs55.jpg (28840 bytes)
  16. Palms and a vintageant, but look at that sky.jcpfs56.jpg (31251 bytes)
  17. Dittojcpfs57.jpg (37087 bytes)
  18. I brought goggles but no mask. I can’t breath!jcpfs58.jpg (14832 bytes)
  19. The local method to keep the dust out.jcpfs59.jpg (52919 bytes)
  20. Business the Arab way.jcpfs60.jpg (30545 bytes)
  21. Yes it is that roving reporter, Malcolm, trying to earn some commission..jcpfs61.jpg (29814 bytes)
  1.     The pictures in Erfud were dark. And anyway these girls are better than the locals.jcpfs101.jpg (39243 bytes)
  2.     A quick inspection after the desert section..jcpfs102.jpg (27077 bytes)
  3.     Back in quick as another approaches.jcpfs103.jpg (26931 bytes)
  4.     Just made itjcpfs104.jpg (24864 bytes)
  5.     The Byford Healey just away from the desert outpost.jcpfs105.jpg (18712 bytes)
  6.     Paul and Sandra in for a bumpy ride?jcpfs106.jpg (27548 bytes)
  7.     The Pickerskills stop in a cloud of dustjcpfs107.jpg (28899 bytes)
  8.     The Rover 80 sopped up the bumps.jcpfs108.jpg (31275 bytes)
  9.     The Spirit of the Rally winner enjoying the competition.jcpfs109.jpg (32117 bytes)
  10.     The E Types didn’t like that.jcpfs110.jpg (21548 bytes)
  11.     Hywel off the blocks and needing that maskjcpfs111.jpg (36528 bytes)
  12.     The old and new in a racejcpfs112.jpg (12552 bytes)
  13.     The new stopped the old didn’tjcpfs113.jpg (34786 bytes)
  14.     The video shows just how rough.jcpfs114.jpg (10780 bytes)
  15.     Mint tea the only thing I could eat or drink by now, thanks to the tapped bottled water..jcpfs115.jpg (39250 bytes)
  16.     A midnight visit to what was left of the pool as there was no other water in the hotel. But that dog got there first.jcpfs116.jpg (18047 bytes)
  17.     An early start but we did not see the sunrise over Erg Chebbi. Moises did he was stranded there overnight by the sandstorm and was even flooded out.jcpfs117.jpg (28946 bytes)
  18.   A Beduoin tent.jcpfs118.jpg (15097 bytes)
  19.     Choose your piste. Each to is own with 4 abreast.jcpfs119.jpg (17328 bytes)

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