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Rareness on wheels.

Six unique British sports cars visiting Lindved.

Most modern cars are efficient but more or less boring and not always beautiful means of transportation.

Whereas old English sports cars might not be the most suitable everyday means of transportation, they hove all that their modern relative misses -soul and beauty. This Thursday stormed spectators in Lindved could see a handful of rare old English sport cars, to be more specific six beautiful and well looked after specimens of the deported brand Javelin Jupiter. Especially Jupiter is rare. There were only produced 68 specimens in the early fifties. The cars in Lindved all came from England, except for one that belongs to the veteran car collector in Lindved, Poul Verner Bertelsen, who hosted this smell get together.

Yesterday the Englishmen went on to see the Museum of Veteran cars at Egeskov and then on to Copenhagen, but some of them return to Vejle next Saturday to participate in the traditional Munkebjerg race.

A Jupiter is a fast car:

- The cars were built for racing and are fast. Mine is equipped with a four-cylinder boxer engine with 68 HP and since the car is build of aluminium it is very light and can easily go up to 170 km/h (105 Mph) says Poul Verner Berfelsen with a smile.

‘The Jupiter is also quite reliable because the beautiful sports car was constructed to cope with the tough Monte Carlo race?, Poul Verner Bertelsen explains. ‘The manufacturing company, Jowett, which also produced the Jupiter as well as a regular car called Javelin — went bankrupt in 1953. But the constructor of these cars continued his career as a designer of Jaguar sports cars and if you take a close look at an older Jaguar sports car the relationship is there.

So can you spot some of the inaccuracies and Danish journalistic licence?

Perhaps a response in the paper....

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