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Jupiter Cooling

From: Paul Byrne
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 03 Feb 2006
Time: 00:03:00


I'm aquainting myself with Jupiters having returned to the Jowett fold after 40 years (Javs then)and taking over a Caudo Jupiter, E1SA440R, with the Padman engine (or as modified subsequent to Padman?). Anyway, Joe C said that cooling was marginal even though an electric fan is fitted behind the radiator.(Thickness of the core may have been increased also--can anyone tell me what the normal thickness is?). Cooling did appear to be an issue on a hot day, and when I ran the car for a few km without the engine bay side panels fitted it boiled almost immediately. Realising their obvious importance in directing air flow, I replaced them immediately and looked at the other possibilities for air to escape its responsibilities. I noticed that there is a gap of 10 to 15 cm between the top of the radiator and bonnet , plus gaps at the radiator sides. I made up an aluminium panel to block the gaps. Voila! Cruising temp. dropped 6 to 10 deg C to below 80 deg. The modification appears to be very effective, but, if indeed my radiator is thicker than normal, perhaps it needs this air direction more than a standard set up would. I realise that talking of cooling problems may not be very topical in some parts of the world at present! Cheers, PB

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