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Re: Hibernating

From: rob
Category: Social
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Date: 31 Jan 2006
Time: 17:31:37


Yes that was my car David,it looked like the Jowett stand was an after thought.I could imagine someone said "Oh sod it,i forgot about the Jowett stand,Stick um in that freezing cold coner".A friend of mine said he wont ever be going down there again.He helped set up his Simiter club stand on a friday night,a couple of years back,reccons he's just thawed out.I had to laugh at the Morris stand,they were dressed in white coats!one of them was my M.O.T tester,i kept well away from them!!. I changed the gasket on the back of the crankcase AGAIN :),still leaks of course,but not too much.Next i'm changing the rubber bushes on the front suspension upper link.

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