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Re: location of idle factory

From: Larry Ramsden
Category: Technical
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Date: 18 Jan 2006
Time: 20:21:10


Dear Chris I am sure by now you will have been snowed under with replies about the exact location of the former Jowett works at Idle-but anyhow, here goes.The former site is indeed a supermarket belonging to the William Morrison chain of supermarkets who, ever eager to expand acquired the site after the International Harvester corp. ceased production of tractors there. On page 8 of the excellent book by Edmund Nankivell'The Jowett Jupiter- The Car That Leaped to Fame'there is an aerial photo of the factory as it was in its' heyday along with the layout of the various departments. All evidence of the former works has by now disappeared leaving little or no trace Jowetts at all. There is , however an artistic wall mural inside the supermarket entrance depicting a Javelin and a Bradford van, and Messrs Morrisons show a beautifully restored Bradford van at various functions in homage to the factory that once was. For an exercise in 'Then and Now' pay a visit to the Google Earth site and download the programme (if you have not already done so ) and see for yourself how much the area of the former factory between Bradford Road and Norman Lane at Five Lane Ends Idle has been built over since those days. If after making your purchse of groceries etc at the supermarket you stand by the check -outs and listen carefully you might just hear the ghostly shriek of de-Souter air tools - because that is aproximately where the Javelins and Bradford vans used to roll off the assembly lines! All the best, Larry

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