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location of Idle factory

From: Tony Fearn
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Date: 17 Jan 2006
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Hi Chris. Can't seem to be able to reply to a posting. My computer agonises for about one and a half minutes, trying to set up the reply and then tells me the page cannot be displayed. I don't know why, and that's why this is a new posting. No doubt kc will know the answer. The factory site at Idle isn't too far away from the base hotel in Bingley, so it will be best for you to come to the Centenary Rally and ask one of the organising members how to get there. From Mike K-O's latest, excellent and informative Rally News Report in the January edition of the 'Jowetteer' it looks as if your - "hoping to come" to the Rally should be changed to "I've booked in" for the Rally. There's nothing like being in the main hotel. You will feel much more a part of it all, and will be able to nod to, and talk with fellow Jowetteers for the whole weekend. I once stayed at a hotel peripheral to the main one, and since that I've said that if I can't stay in the main hotel, then I wouldn't go to the rally. I don't think MKO is throwing a red herring when he says rooms are being taken up quickly. It should once again be a Rally to remember, and if you don't bite the bullet and go for it, you may be very disappointed. Hope to see you (and GG if he's reading this!!)in May. Tony Fearn

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