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Re: Fuse still blowing

From: kc
Category: Technical
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Date: 31 Dec 2005
Time: 12:33:07


If you do not have an ohm-meter or multimeter, suggest you buy one! Disconnect the car battery. Set meter to read ohms at lowest range (<200ohms). Connect the meter across brake pedal terminal going to the lights and the chassis. It should read a few ohms, not zero. This is the resistance of brake bulbs. To be sure remove rear bulbs, then reading should be infinity or at least 200kohms. If it is zero or close to it, the brake light leads are shorting, probably on the rear wing. A reading of a few ohms indicates a poor earth return through the chassis and a short. Once you have fixed the short circuit, it would be a good idea to check earth resistance by shorting the terminals in the bulb holder to check the loop resistance which should be less than one ohm. Note that vibration may mean the fault is intermittent. There is a possibility the fault is in the brake switch. To check disconnect wires, connect meter between chassis and a terminal and operate switch. There should be no change in reading.

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