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Javelin -- Full Flow Ventilation

From: Eric Aldcroft
Category: Javelin
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Date: 05 Nov 2005
Time: 00:54:27


Here's a question intended to just satisfy my curiosity! My 1951 Javelin has full flow cabin ventilation. By this I mean that in addition to the usual front air vents, it also has exit vents on the rear parcel shelf and in the floor of the boot. I have not read anything about other Javelins having this, and I'm sure that the 1951 deluxe Javelin that I learned to drive with, didn't have it. In fact my vague recollection is that the Ford Cortinas of the early 60's were the first to claim this feature. So, can anyone shed any light on this? Does anyone else have a Javelin with this feature? It looks to me as if mine could have been a a dealer installed feature in Canada.

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