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Jupiter Bench Seat and Front Valance

From: Scott Renner
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 28 Oct 2005
Time: 20:06:01


Hello all! I'm back again with things we are going to reproduce over here in California. Does anyone need a new seat frame? Having not found a spare bench seat in repairable condition, I am going to duplicate my good one.I will do the metal parts; the seat back and bottom will be reproduced, and most likely the hinges as well. It will be faithful to the original: the large holes with flaring, the ribs and bead rolling in the proper spots. This is a bit of the horse before the cart. Can't quote an exact price until I know about how many I might make. Need to have an idea to get a cost qoute from the tube bender. All the sheet metal will be CAD/CAM and probably cut on a water cutter. Item number two is the front valance fitted over the front bumper mounts (couldn't find the part number!).If I do one, then I will only make a plywood buck. A permanent buck would be about US$500, which would be amortized over the quantity made. Surely someone needs one of these! Open to discussions and suggestions!

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