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12v Jupiter Conversion

From: Tony Bittle
Category: Technical
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Date: 18 Sep 2005
Time: 23:06:33


-I have finally gotten off of my rear, and started to dig into the restoration of SA/139. I have checked previous posts, and haven't come across anything addressing 12 volt conversions. (Please direct me, if I did miss these)... My original engine is long gone, and had been replaced with a V-8/60 flathead, which was also sold before I obtained the car. Since she has been butchered installing the former engine, I am busy building up the cut frame members, flooring, and firewall... I am converting to 12 volt, with the only items (that still exist), that would need converting would be the guages, horn, indicator lights, headlights, and trafficators. I know that the guages can usually be converted with a (resistor?) plumbed inline...but I am at a loss as to specifics. Can the tailights, headlights and such-simply be changed over to 12v bulbs, and work? She requires a complete rewire, so the wiring itself is not a problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! -Best Regards, Tony

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