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Javelin Engines

Category: Technical
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Date: 08 Aug 2005
Time: 13:13:48


Does anyone have any thoughts on reconditioned Javelin engines where the crankcase ‘halves’ carry different serial numbers? I always thought that they should be the same, due to line boring being needed for the crankshaft and camshaft. I have an engine in the back of my little workshop that I was given many years ago, from my local Technical College, as surplus to their needs. They originally had it in the craft workshops, as they thought it was useful for two groups of apprentices to work on two sets of cylinder heads at the same time! However, there is no evidence of the heads having been touched, so perhaps this idea never got off the ground. It has crankcase numbers as 15394 for the off-side one and 24649 for the near-side one. The engine number boss is stamped E3PE23052, with ‘PE’ above this and below the crankcase number. There are no other plates or markings on the engine. I have pulled this engine out from its long slumber and to my knowledge it has not run since at least 1970. Inspection of the sump shows it has an oval-web crank, marked Laystall 12-62 and the big-end shells are STD and look almost new, probably not more than 1000 miles running. One piston looks entirely clean, and the others look somewhat used. The crankcase-halves look to be early for the off-side one and S3 ( from the ribbing ) for the near-side one. My suspicions are that this is a late reconditioned engine from Jowett Engineering, at a period when they were collecting-up the left-over ‘bits and pieces’ from around the factory floor. Is there any history in the club to back this up or does anyone have any other thoughts? Many thanks for any suggestions. All the best, David Morris

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