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Re: Jowett clock

From: Paul A Brierley
Category: Buy and Sell
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Date: 19 Jul 2005
Time: 20:20:02


Hi Chris. I tried sending you this via e-mail but it bounced. I am almost certain that this clock did come from a pre war Jowett. The clock you described sounds very similar to the Smith's clock inside our Jowett Eight, these clocks were a common feature on Pre War Jowett motor car dash boards. If the clock you have is the same one and should you want to sell it, I will be only to pleased to give my Father the details for the next edition of Jowetteer. Please contact me again if you would like an advert. If you send me an e-mail then I can send you a couple of digital images of our Smiths clock for you to look at. Paul A Brierley Macclesfield Cheshire.

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