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Do not expose your computer to these spammers!

From: kc
Category: Technical
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Date: 19 Jul 2005
Time: 00:22:10


Not a good idea to follow such links as they then capture your IP address or load cookies or spyware and they can target you with spam or hacks or worse send out your personal info. Just ignore. It is important you not only keep operating system (Windows Update), office products (especially the Junk Mail filter) and virus checkers up to date but also have firewalls (both hardware (Linksys or other) and software (Windows Personal Firewall or other) ) and anti-spyware installed (free from Microsoft or Adware). You can also add intrusion detection systems (such as Sygate) that tell you about and block any hacks. Do not let this put you off using your computer, but be careful and do not store any personal data on computers that are not so protected.

Last changed: November 19, 2008