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Ignition coils for the pre-war Jowett

From: Tony Fearn
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Category: Pre War
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Date: 13 Jul 2005
Time: 00:01:46


Ken/Ian. Saw your requests (some weeks ago) for ignition coils that fit on top of the dynamo. Just today got to the back of the garage whilst looking for a 1932 windscreen for Ian Priestley which I knew I had "in stock". Found it and took it over to Ian's at lunch-time along with a vintage back axle which will in due course go across the water to the Emerald Isle. There's still another vintage back axle and a 1929 engine in the same garage if anyone else is interested. I no longer have a vintage Jowett so they are surplus to my requirements. They are not 'as cheap as chips' though. If you are still interested in the coils, (which are 6 volt I'm afraid), then e-mail me privately and we'll sort something out. There are two of them which look ok on the outside. Don't know whether or not they will work, but if, as you say, the works from some other coil could be fitted inside, then perhaps they'll be of use. Regards, Tony.

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