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Passing of Jowetteers (world-wide)

From: Tony Fearn
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Category: Social
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Date: 07 Jul 2005
Time: 00:53:50


This is hardly social, but I wonder if 'JowettTalk' could be a useful vehicle to let the membership at large, both in the U.K. and in the other Jowett Clubs across the world know of the passing of club members? All of us have friends and aquaintances in the the various JCCs and and might wish to send condolences. Alternatively, would you rather just read an obituary in the Club magazine at a later date? It's rather relevant to me personally at the moment, and I was very thankful to be informed soon after it had happened, (albeit by telephone) that a long-time (over 40 years) friend of mine in the U.K. Car Club had died. Not everyone that would wish to know would have been contacted because members spreading the word can not reach everyone by phone alone. Fortunately I will be able to pay my respects at his funeral on Friday. Many other club members will be there, and some will have sent cards, but there will be many others who have not heard as yet, as, at the moment, the news is spread only by word of mouth and the occasional telephone call. Have any -(NO all)- of you who access this site any comments to make?

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