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Re: Carburettor balancing

From: David Morris
Fromemail: davidsmorris@hotmail
Category: Technical
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Date: 02 Jul 2005
Time: 22:43:41


I agree with everything said so far about making sure your carbs are airtight, ignition OK and most importantly making sure the balance pipe valve is working and not 'gunged up'. If all these points are OK, then I have found the manometer-type gauges are hopeless. What really does seem to work well on Javelin engines is the SK Synchrometer. This can be plugged into the top of the carb intake pipes ( on a Javelin )as there is a good squishy rubber seal on the end of the meter without seeming to affect things too much and you can read the vacuum easily on the well-damped gauge. The carb linking rod is very sensitive in length to getting an even balance, with only about 1mm really throwing the balance out. I find a reading of about 5 on the scale of the meter is about right, with the engine beating over nice and slowly. The SK Synchronmeter can be purchased from a firm called ITC at 29.95 + 5.95 P/P. It's not cheap, but really does seem to live up to its promises. [ PS I have no connection at all with ITC! ] Hope this helps - good luck! David Morris

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