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Re: Javelin petrol starvation

From: Tony Fearn
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Category: Javelin
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Date: 16 Jun 2005
Time: 01:56:54


Thanks Ian. Good to see you at Basingstoke. The OZ article suggests that the filter apparently sits over the drain hole and has three supporting legs that are spot welded to the floor of the petrol tank. After draining the tank it's suggested that a hole is punched through the filter, and that a cartridge type filter is included somewhere in the fuel line, even though as you've said there are other filters already in the system. I'm mindful of the problem the late Harry Brierley had when working on his petrol tank, where he suffered burns due to petrol vapour igniting and blowing back through the filler tube.. One must take great care when doing anything around petrol as we all know. Using a drill to destroy the filter might be ok of it's away from the tank, but sparking of the drill brushes could cause an explosion if the filter is still in situ, so a more mechanical method might be advisable. Are there any other members out there that have actually performed this operation and can add a definitive step by step method which can safely show how this procedure might be carried out? Regards, Tony.

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