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Re: Javelin petrol starvation

From: Ian Howell
Category: Javelin
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Date: 14 Jun 2005
Time: 17:22:58


I have a clear recollection of an official instruction manual referring to exactly this point (but I can't remember which manual!). The filter (in mine anyway) was a brass gauze tube. The instruction said - in effect: - "If the filter in the fuel tank becomes blocked, remove the outlet pipe from the tank and run a 3/8" drill through to destroy the filter". Whilst this seems a tad drastic, remember that there is a further filter in the fuel pump itself and two more - one in each banjo union to the carburettors. Add this to the 'settling tank' in the bowl of each carburettor and there really is very little to worry about. If the problem recurs, it is probably in the fuel pump filter, which is easy to get at. Problem solved!

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