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Re: Carburettor balanceing

From: kc
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Category: Technical
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Date: 13 Jun 2005
Time: 17:25:53


Start with the Jowett tuning guide. Well no, start by getting your carbs and distributor overhauled. I use the tube in ear method, but also use the tube to check for any sucking noises around the carb base and throttle. The main thing is to disconnect the throttle linkage but make sure you have a return spring on both carbs. Set the idle speed to about 600rpm, higher if it is not even. Use a strobe and make sure your timing is even on all four cylinders. Then set the idle adjustment to get the lowest, even tickover. Check mixture with a Colourtune Spark plug in each spark plug. If the engine is then not evenly ticking over and you can balance 50p, on it start again! Then reconnect your throttle linkage and check tickover on both carbs. Then with engine off check throttles ope fully by looking inside them! Good luck.

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