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Re: Carburettor balanceing

From: Ian Howell
Category: Technical
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Date: 08 Jun 2005
Time: 13:32:55


Chreis: - It was nice to meet you at Basingstoke and put a face to the Emai! Re: - balancing carburettors: - My feel ing is that unless the whole engine/carburettor set up is capable of being set up within tight limits, there is not so much to be gained by going to great lengths to balance carburettors. Anyway, due to different expansion rates in the hot aluminium cylinder block and the cooler steel link rod, any setting will become inaccurate at once. My practice (learned from a specialist tuner)was to listen to tye intakes with a piece of rubber tube and compare the hissing sounds on tickover. Repeat with the throttles just a little bit open. This is not by any means an accurate method, but within the limits of 50 year old engines it will generally be 'good enough'. I hope that someone willl come in with a more technical answer,but I feel that investing in expensive kit to set up something which will inevitably be inaccurate in use, is a bit of a waste. Spend the time cleaning and polishing (underneath?)! Kind regards Ian Howell

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