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Re: JAW 2005

From: Ian Howell
Category: Social
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Date: 07 Jun 2005
Time: 17:45:42


Just a quick response to say thank you to all those who made the brief visit that my son James and I made to the JAW, so interesting and worthwhile. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and felt very welcome as newcomers (I was a member years ago, but only very few - like perhaps Ed Nankivell (Helicoils Ed?) and Dennis Sparrow - might remember). I am particularly grateful for the interest in, and encouragement to do something about my, what now appears to be, 1930 Long Four saloon. I intend to make various contacts as mentioned at the time. With regard to the concours events - why not let the entrants do some of the 'donkey work' and select by their votes say 10 vehicles to be put to the experts for judging? Classes would need to be considered but this way everyone could feel involved - very democratic! Once again, thanks for a great day out. Ian (and James) Howell

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