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JAW 2005

From: kc
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Category: Social
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Date: 01 Jun 2005
Time: 12:12:57


What a great weekend! I know you should not compare JAWS, but the Centre Court gave the best service and best food of any hotel since I started going in 1974. Our home grown caberet was entertaining and kept us together. We should try to add some entertainment on the Concourse field- some simple parking type driving tests used to be popular. We would need to keep the public at a safe distance and check our insurance! Perhaps even make it part of the concours points; at least that would prove the cars moved. We also need to encourage more to enter the concours without giving the judges too much to do. The Sunday night is also difficult to keep alive as most people are drained of energy. Most just like to sit and natter but we perhaps should let the younger members provide some entertainment without frightening the oldies away. Thanks again to some wonderful organisers and thanks to the sun God. Perhaps this group could make some suggestions as to what they would like to see at future JAWS.

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