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Re: Expansion of JowettTalk (but NOT world domination)

From: kc
Fromemail: kc
Category: Social
Remote Name:
Date: 26 May 2005
Time: 13:48:34


Hi guys, sorry you sometimes get an unobtainable response from the website. Here are three possible reasons. 1. The site shares the line with me doing my email and work at home so there may be some contention. Just try again. 2. Occasionaly the network fails but this has only happened about four times in the last 12 months. Please try again as it usually comes back in an hour or two. 3. Something screwed up in my network at home or the system needs rebooting. Usually I detect this but since I often work away from home it may take some time to fix. 4. You do not have a trailing backslash in your URL Without it the heavily protected website will block your request as it interprets it as page rather than a directory of pages. Sorry but I think it came in with Windows 2003 and IIS6 high security settings! Note you get this failure when using History on Internet Explorer. Microsoft!!! It should be OK if you access from the or pages.

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