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Re: Feathering of front tyres on 1934 pre-war

From: Anthony Fearn
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Category: Technical
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Date: 25 May 2005
Time: 23:22:21


Thanks for the input George. The tracking was way out. I first measured the toe-in using a spot of Tippex on the centre tread of the front tyres and a home made jig (of which I am very proud). The difference between the measurement at the rear and at the front, believe it or not was around 2 inches!!, with the shortest measurement at the front. It's no wonder the tyres were wearing. After much adjustment, (with the front axle jacked-up) and with the benefit of a couple of spare front wheels minus tyres The toe-in measured at the wheel rim as Ian suggested is now the requisite one eighth of an inch. Thanks also for the comment on my last posting. A.J.

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